In Focus Marketing Summit: A Game Changer For My Business

Just a couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending two whole days and an evening with Victoria Rayburn of Victoria Rayburn Photography and Jasmine Norris of Jasmine Norris Photography as well as several other local photographers, to learn more about how to reach our ideal clients & grow our businesses at the In Focus Marketing Summit.

It’s always so much fun meeting and getting to know others that love photography just as much as you. We laughed, talked about the hard parts of the industry, shared tips & tricks and ate some DELICIOUS food! But most of all, we took in TONS of very useful information and spent lots of time working and implementing it all as well.

Here’s what the weekend looked like, and what my takeaways were!

Thursday Evening: We all met at Second Level Studios in Lafayette to introduce ourselves to the tribe, snack on wine & smores and played a fun ice breaker game to really get comfortable with each other. So much fun! After that it was time to head home and rest up for a full two days ahead!

Friday: We began bright and early at 7:30 am (thankfully Victoria & Jasmine had the coffee flowing to keep us awake 😉), we were presented with so many awesome topics such as branding, social media, SEO, getting published and more. We had Azzip Pizza for lunch and ended the long but fun-filled day with a private dinner out at the Lahr Atrium in downtown Lafayette.

My biggest takeaway from this day was the branding and ideal client presentations by far. Both were so helpful in identifying who I wanted to serve as well as lots of ideas and thoughts about what I wanted to incorporate in my brand, how effective it is (or isn’t) now and a starting point to begin improving. Leaving this day, between all the presentations, I think I had well over 10 pages of notes!


Saturday: Beginning the day around 8:00 am Victoria & Jasmine had us work for a few hours just so that we could begin implementing everything we had learned the day prior. With so much information being taken in, we needed some time to decompress and ask questions, so the “working breakfast” was a super great idea on their end to begin the day with.

After working hard all morning, we had a delicious lunch from Sassy Sweets, who doesn’t love tacos and bakery fresh cupcakes?! Then we dove into more juicy topics; websites, blogging & client experience.

Biggest takeaway from this day was the website presentation. One of my biggest frustrations/struggles with my business lately has been my website, feeling like it’s too “uniform” looking, not as effective as it could be and lacks personality the most. I have been wanting to step it up for quite some time lately and now I feel like I have a better idea of what exactly I need to implement in order to really love my website and reel in the type of clients that I’m dying to work with!

By the end of the summit, I think it’s safe to say we were ALL exhausted! But that is obviously a great sign, listening uses lots of energy, and I was engaged and intrigued to learn more the entire time!

I think overall, this summit has really encouraged me to take a step back and really look at my business, what it stands for, who I’m serving and what type of experience I am delivering.

In one presentation, Victoria mentions that “You won’t be the right photographer for everyone”. This hit hard because in such a saturated market that feels discouraging and impossible to succeed in at times, we as photographers need to remember we really can’t be the right photographer for every single person out there and that is okay. There are so many different styles and types of photography, that it would be impossible to please everyone. Instead of trying to accommodate everyone and all categories of photography, it’s so much easier to narrow it down to the types of sessions that you do enjoy photographing and to remember that you’re not failing when a client chooses someone else or even when you turn away a client that doesn’t seem like a good fit for you.

Going into my 4th year of photography this year, I plan to slowly reevaluate my ideal clients-the types of sessions & people that spark joy for me and whom I love working with. After I figure that out, I plan to revamp my branding, my website and my business “image” overall in order for everything to align to attract and serve only my ideal clients.

I’m hoping that by the time I grasp all of this and really get a handle on where I want my photography journey to go, I’ll be serving even more clients that I love working with and who chose me as their photographer because they also love working with me and enjoy the personality that shines through my brand.

Whether your a beginner photographer or even someone who’s been at it for a while and looking to grow, I 100% recommend the In Focus Marketing Summit. It will be a total game changer for your business!

Victoria & Jasmine have already begun a wait list for those that are interested in attending next years summit, visit to join the waitlist and be the first to hear the details about the In Focus Marketing Summit for 2020!

My new photo friends :)  Each and every one of them are so kind, encouraging and talented. I know we will all be making some big growth after going through the Summit together!

My new photo friends :)

Each and every one of them are so kind, encouraging and talented. I know we will all be making some big growth after going through the Summit together!

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