Meet Sarah

My photography journey began in 2016, when I purchased my first DSLR camera and started taking photos of my family just for fun. I picked up a camera never even thinking that I’d one day be photographing families and weddings professionally. That thought literally NEVER crossed my mind!

In 2017, Sarah Elizabeth Photos was born. I spent hours upon hours self-teaching myself how to shoot and edit and got in as much practice as I could, photographing as many families and couples possible. By the end of 2019 I will have photographed over 40 weddings and LOTS of portrait sessions. I am so incredibly thankful and blessed to have found something I have so much passion and joy for.

I love using lots of natural light in my photos and describe my shooting & editing style as light, natural & timeless. I want you to feel at ease during your photo session and help make the experience enjoyable, and don’t worry if you feel “awkward” in front of the camera, I will walk you through the whole posing thing to achieve the best photos I can give you!


I myself am a very nostalgic person, I treasure my own photos greatly and always find myself looking back on them trying to bring myself back to the moment. This is why I love taking photos for others, photos are SO important and really do make our precious memories last a lifetime!


My dream of photographing full time wouldn't be possible without this guy right here, my wonderful husband, Joey. He is so supportive of my passion, and because of his hard work and selflessness, I’m able to have the freedom of fully pursuing what brings me so much J O Y.

Joey is my absolute best friend and go to person for anything. We bond over our equal love for ice cream, cooking dinners together nightly, traveling as much as we can and working on house projects together. He’s pretty great (blushes) :)